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Skin Tag & Mole Removal

Safe and Easy Technology

Skin Biopsy
Skin Biopsy

Skin Tag Removal

Our Skin Tag Removal service offers a quick and effective solution to unwanted skin blemishes. At Vanessa Charest Aesthetic, we use the latest in electric ion carbonization technology to remove skin tags safely and efficiently.

What to expect?

Numbing cream will be applied prior to treatment making the procedure comfortable. Once the skin tag is removed, a dark brown crust will be visible. Your practitioner will advise on topical ointment to apply at home. The crust will fall off after a few days. Don't let unsightly skin tags keep you from feeling your best. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Vascular Lesions Removal

Vascular lesions can be a nuisance, but they don’t have to be a permanent part of your appearance. At Vanessa Charest Aesthetic we use advanced electric ion carbonization technology to remove lesions such as Campbell de Morgan or cherry angiomas quickly and without leaving any marks. Trust our expert practitioners to deliver the results you need to feel confident again.



''Highly recommend Vanessa for anti-wrinkle injections. She is professional and skilled at creating a natural but effective look!''

Milly Mitchinson


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